Green Valley Ranch / Gaming


The Best Las Vegas Progressive Keno

Step into Green Valley Ranch’s Keno Lounge and you’ll see why it’s called the best in Las Vegas. It hosts 20 seats, four writer stations, automatic ball drawing and Jumbo Keno as a linked progressive on 6, 7, 8 and 9 spot tickets.

Green Valley Ranch


Best of Las Vegas Entertainment

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Green Valley Ranch / Gaming

Sports Book

Big-screen, theater-like action of all major sporting events. The best lines, parlay cards and futures on college and professional football, baseball, basketball, golf and NASCAR. And the best betting contests, including Green Valley Ranch's Great Giveaway Football Contest and Last Man Standing.

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Green Valley Ranch / Dining / China Spice

China Spice Menu

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Green Valley Ranch / Dining / Grand Cafe

Grand Cafe Menu

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